Shri SR Software Solutions Private Limited

10 years

We provide high-quality, timely, and responsive service by contributing at various levels in our customers’ product life cycle to enable them to maximize their potential


We work on a pass-through cost and fixed fee model to help you start your own India-based center of excellence. This model helps you keep track of the real-cost of extending your office in India. You know exactly what you are paying employees of your extended office.

This model is helpful for angel-funded start-ups and small to medium sized companies.

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 Manage India-based centers

Defining product roadmap

We compare your networking, network/system management product with your competition. We present a competitive review and a roadmap of your future development.

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Designing a product

We start with collating prioritized requirements based upon personas and business requirements and end with a ready-to-deploy product.

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Product Development

Feature enhancement, resolve issues

Free up your star developers for the next challenge!! We take responsibility of managing old versions of your networking, network/systems management products to add features, resolve issues, and support your customers.

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Product Maintenance